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    Niovi Stavropoulou

    Born in 1950, in Nicosia, Cyprus, Glavkos Koumides studied architecture at the AA School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom [1969-1974] and psychology at the Cologne University, Germany. He exhibited his paintings for the first time in 1984 at the Gloria Gallery in Nicosia. In 1999 he represented Cyprus at the 48th Biennale di Venezia, and he had a retrospective show of his work in 2008/9 at the Nicosia Municipal Art Center under the title « Salient Essence».

    He is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber.

    Taking the opportunity of the opening of the exhibition “A CLOUD PASSING OVER CAIRO” GLAVKOS KOUMIDES (&) PHANOS KYRIACOU – BROOMBERG & CHANARIN on May 2nd 2019, the artist Glavkos Koumides agreed to answer some of our questions.

    Did any cloud passed over the exhibition’s space?
    Many clouds went by… none stayed, or rained in my cocktail.

    When or what was the most interesting moment at the exhibition’s space so far?
    Thursday, 2 May, 2019, 21.18 PM.

    In relation of the exhibition’s place, which is farther? The Venice Bienalle, the Archbishop Palace or the NiMAC?
    No doubt. The NiMAC.

    What is your next secure step?
    Going strait to a local ouzeri

    Is there a current exhibition that you particularly like?
    Pentadaktylos Contemporaries, in the Leventis Gallery, Nicosia.

    What is your opinion regarding Cypriot Surrealism?
    «Surealism» is a strategy, not a sammelsurium of tactics. As a matter of intention, unsuitable for the island’s climate.

    If you weren’t Glavkos Koumides, would you be Diogenes?
    Diogenes who? I know at least five. My cousin Alexander knew only one.

    Where would you enjoy living in the future?
    Axios pou enna zisi (Αξιος που εννά ζήσει)* Cypriot proverb meaning there is no time to plan the future.  



    PRESS me/ABSURD me/JAZZ me 2018
    Work on Wood

    Photo Credit
    Antonis Minas

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