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    Niovi Stavropoulou

    Reaching the end of March 2019, the question about Brexit is the one thing that everyone in the world talks about as the day of the of the alleged decision approaches. We’ve seen a lot of protests pro and against Brexit in the past, such as the one called by journalists “Massive Brexit March” where people who stand against UK leaving the EU protested.

    These protests are always a place were different forms of artistic behaviour are developed, as political dilemmas were always the primary influence of socially engaged art. In fact, one can observe many –almost funny-looking- caricatures of politicians in a papier-maché form at different protests. The Massive Brexist March is not an exception.

    But the question also relates to the future of artistic behaviour and that of the Art Market in the UK. Indeed some artists are currently transferring their work to other countries for fear of the unknown future post-Brexit. Others transform their anxiety into art and the results are outstanding.

    Whenever the future holds for the UK and its citizens, art is always going to have something to say about.



    The Guardian

    The New York Times 

    Artwork : The Brexit train to nowhere … Mustn’t Grumble by John Springs. Illustration: John Springs/Ransom Art.

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