CHECKPOINT is an online community interested in contemporary arts, dance and politics. The forums host discussions, under one umbrella, aiming to connect its ribs on a radical, single point. It is a community that connects members of a different background, location or personality, by building bridges to each others opinions, disciplines, methods, practices and culture.

It does not only try to inform, but also to let its members express a personal thesis, and to discuss topics that intrigue them and they are passionate about.


CHECKPOINT aims to map, and remap culturally interesting shows, happenings and rhizomatic incidents across Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world. Special focus is given on contemporary art, dance, and their relations with politics. Attention is also given on how politics influence art. CHECKPOINT’s vision is to provide topics worthy of discussion. It wishes to support interesting but not well known artists and make their work visible to a wider international audience.

CHECKPOINT stops at unique artistic and political crossroads and tries to examine their essence, or possible meaning. Following our globalised, socio-political transformations, it aims to bring forward and refresh the world with something trusted and genuine, without “protecting” or “ignoring” while being detached from the commercial press world as it functions today. CHECKPOINT aims to provide a critique to society, and by extension the art world.


Once you post on the forums, you automatically create traffic on the CHECKPOINT board. Your post is displayed at top of the board, next to your username and terminal you have posted to. Each new post is displayed at the top of the board making it easy to find the most recent posts across all terminals.

The board pays tribute to the Departures board at Gare Du Nord in Paris.