Jean Cocteau, L’Empreinte d’un poète | Opening June 19th | Musée PAB Alès, France

The Musée-Bibliothèque Pierre André Benoit in Alès, France, will present a very interesting exhibition about the work of the French poet, painter, cinematographer, critic – among other things- Jean Concteau and his contribution in visual arts, and more specifically in the art of painting.

This exhibition will focus on Cocteau’s ability to pass from one form of art to the next by presented some of his drawings and poems, under the curation of Ioannis Kontaxopoulos.


Opening: June 19th

Duration: June 20th-October 6th 2019, Monday-Sunday 14:00 – 18:00. In Jully and August 2019, the museum opens from Monday-Sunday 11:00 – 18:00.

Location: Musée-bibliothèque Pierre André Benoit – Alès rue de Brouzen, 30100 Alès

Contact: 0030 04 66 86 98 69 ,

For the press release (in french), please click here.