Kurt Hentschläger | SUB at Mana Contemporary | 29 June – 17 August | Jersey City, USA

SUB is an immersive environment by Austrian-born, New York-based, Kurt Hentschläger. In its premier at Mana Contemporary, SUB uses dramatic perceptual shifts to invoke direct audience engagement as it builds on complete darkness in a given architectural space and visitors’ reliance on sonic perceptions and navigation. The absence of light is reset in intervals by bursts of animated light, emerging suddenly out of nowhere along a panoramic LED display. Returning back into darkness, ghostly retinal after-images linger, slowly fading until the next eruption of light.

The installation’s gestalt approach gives an elevated sense of drama, bringing visitors into its expansive void. SUB’s mostly dark environment is punctuated by bursts of animated light, which leave ghostly retinal impressions that linger as the light fades. Sound provides both an accompaniment to these moments of light, and a constant backdrop to the setting.

SUB has no beginning or end. Visitors may enter at any time and stay as long as they desire. The visual and sonic impressions vary substantially, creating a unique experience for each participant.

As part of the installation’s premier, a special live performance with artist Richard Garet will take place on Saturday, August 3.

Additional support provided by the Austrian Cultural Forum, New York; and Hyphen Hub, New York.